Welcome to the coaching area of the GFFB gGmbH! Systemic coaching has been established for many years as a recognized method of accompanying people in change processes of all kinds.

Online Coachings

The corona pandemic creates strong personal and economic uncertainty for many people worldwide. Numerous companies register short-time work, record dramatic drop in orders, or even have to file for bankruptcy. Are your personal career and future plans already affected?

The GFFB is now offering you individual video coaching. Use the expertise and methodological competence of our systemically trained coaches and develop a master plan in coaching to develop professional options and redefine goals.

If you are already threatened or affected by unemployment, our coaching can be funded under certain conditions via a work and placement voucher from the employment agency or the job center.

Contact us for more information, we will be happy to advise you.

Coaching at GFFB is primarily job-related coaching.

The occasions can be very different: Whether you want to reorient yourself as a professional or manager, whether you are planning to start your professional life, or if you want to change your job profile when the general conditions change: We always support people wherever they work with their personal Goals and values, the private environment and one’s own health should be reconciled. That is why all of our highly qualified coaches are systemically trained and certified. All areas of life that can influence professional activity can be relevant in coaching and should be considered, because only then will we develop sustainable solutions that will prove their worth in everyday life.

We see ourselves primarily as experts for methods, processes and perspectives and as pioneers we provide professional reflection and decision support. We keep an overview so that our customers can think in depth. You remain experts for your living environment, your industry and your perceptions.

We work in cooperation and at eye level so that our customers can develop their visions and achieve goals. The trust of our customers is our greatest obligation.