Social enterprise

The GFFB is a social enterprise in which people from very different social groups, cultures and frames of meaning and orientation meet. A common language is our most important means of communication.

In all our projects and programmes, we take into account the individual needs of our participants* and actively involve them in the development of our learning and work processes.

An essential element is our offer of job-integrated language support. We successfully combine specialist knowledge and language learning.

We have established the Welcome Guides project to help refugees and new arrivals find their way around our city of Frankfurt.

The intercultural pensioner-helpers provide linguistic support to immigrant senior citizens in obtaining the correct information and clarifying their pension entitlements.

World Books, the largest open bookcase in the city, also offers a comprehensive range of literature, non-fiction and children’s books, naturally in other languages as well. We are also very happy to accept your book donations.

Our World Café offers interesting events, whether readings or talks or even a lunchtime meals with food from all over the world.

With the initiative “We are Frankfurt“, we actively promote a welcoming culture and social cohesion in our city.

People interested in cultural activities can apply for a culture pass in our project “city district and cultural activities” („Stadtteil und Kulturarbeit“).

Finally, the GFFB also participates annually in the Intercultural Weeks of the City of Frankfurt with an interesting and lively cultural programme.