Team Diversity & Democracy

The GFFB is one of the first signatories of the Charter of Diversity and has thus a made a conscious and voluntary commitment to live the principle of the charter in our organisation. With a team of diversity officers*, the topic of diversity has become a central and important part of the corporate culture, human resources management, right up to the daily educational work of the individual projects and the planning and organisation of the yearly Diversity Day. The GFFB actively takes measures to prevent various discrimination risks and to provide equal opportunities at the workplace.

In our education and labour market projects within our Competence Centre Learning 5.0, we combine vocational training with the promotion of democratic action skills and competenceswith working onthe idea of a more open and fairer society. It is important to take up societal issues that concern us all and work on strengthening negotiation and decision-making processes, both democratically and in dialogue with one another.

These are socio-political issues that the GFFB would like to influence and work on with other organisations. For example, if you want to develop diversity concepts in your organisation, company or administration and put them into practice, we offer you different services that support you in questions concerning personnel policies and corporate communication. In addition, we offer expert discussions and talks to a broader public in our World Café and in the virtual conference rooms of the GFFB in our premises on the Mainzer Landstrasse in Gallus, Frankfurt.

Dr. des Harpreet Cholia is responsible for the department “Diversity & Democracy”. Shortly to her, she received her doctorate in sociology with expertise in critical migration research, anti-racism and gender studies at the Goethe University Frankfurt. Before joining the GFFB in March 2020, she gained many years of experience in project management in the social sector in Germany. Her fociwere on culture, migration and gender. She also works as an anti-discrimination consultant, psychosocial counsellor and empowerment trainer for people affected by right wing and racist violence. She is also a lecturer in the area of social work and publishes on topics such as racism, right-wing violence and institutional discrimination.

On behalf of the Diversity & Democracy department, Harpreet Cholia is very happy to work on different societal challenges with the organisation, in Frankfurt and the state of Hessen – for a society that fights for one another, argues and then finds a consensus in an ever more complex world.

Harpreet Cholia