Welcome Guides

The “welcomeGuides” project is a free information and service offering to support people with a refugee and migration background and people with communication difficulties in general.

Our companions, trained for dealing competently with the special problems of the target group, offer individual support and information in the respective language of origin.

We are looking for empathetic, sociable and open-minded people who inform our clients and accompany them on various appointments (e.g. at doctor’s appointments, to the social welfare office, to the immigration office, to the job center and to other official appointments). Our companions translate and support from or in the respective languages ​​of origin. They also support and assist with applications (e.g. ALG II, housing entitlement certificate, Frankfurt passport or health insurance card), with everyday challenges (e.g. getting to know and understand local public transport, making doctor’s appointments, orientation in the city of Frankfurt) and with integration into German society “Welcome guides”. The daily tasks include researching offers of help for those seeking advice, making appointments and referring people to specialist advice centers.

By participating in the measure, you increase your chances of being taught in the professional field of social assistance, through instruction and practical experience with the target group and their needs.

The GFFB gGmbH offers all participants the opportunity to get additional, job-related language support outside of the working hours of the measure.

You can get more information about the welcomeGuides project here or at a personal information appointment with the relevant specialist instructions.